Monday, August 24, 2009

i hate manatees

manatees, the cows of the sea. dear god, creator of all things righteous and both useless and shitty. thank you for making an animal that has no greater purpose than to be fat and ugly and float underneath motorboats and become horribly maimed. no one pities the fucking squirrel that got hit by a car, so why is the manatee an endangered species? i say let the ugly fat bags die off, keep one or two maybe just to laugh, but who really cares? seriously, fuck florida. in elementary school our teacher thought it would be neat to "adopt" an endangered animal. all the other classes got cool shit like whales and chinchillas or sugar gliders or some shit. i was $5 and a permission slip away from "adopting" my very own endangered animal. i should have been excited, instead i was the only 3rd grader protesting this lame decision of biological preservation and sent home with a 'would not participate' letter for my parents to read and sign.

point... and... case. fuck florida (again, but this time in the ass with no lube).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sommat new and abused

so on ocassion cool things happen across the street and life is amazing. like this cop car getting towed. LEGIT.

finished some pieces i've been working on. moved to ob. smacking babies... the usual, oh yeah, and riding my bike... EVERY WHERE. its amazing, i wish i could go faster though, so i kinda wanna get like a motorcycle or some shit in the next year :) MTV filmed at our shop for a 'real world' follow up. so look for that spotlight of funhouse on the worlds gayest tv network

bible bibliography

check out this "about the author" on the back of the bible weve got down at the shop.