Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

i wrote this last week....

considering recent events i think that its strange i wrote this when i did; i found it today when i was clearing out my desktop... i hadn't even remembered writing it until just now. i thought it was pretty cool, i was probably sleep deprived or buzzed when i wrote it who knows....

there had been a time for me, somewhere in between sleep and self realization, where i lost the best chance i had at understanding. spending the last few days trying to understand where it all figures in and where i figure not only into my own life, but into the lives of others. i have long supported the notion that our own lives are only as private as the warmth we want from a nother person's arms. some days im so cold i can hardly feel my hands and feet. my hands being so far from my heart and often the only and closest thing to reach another person's. i've always felt like i was completely alone in the world standing next to the people i've felt the closest to and i suppose thats what it is to be human. i want to crawl inside your skin just so our souls can lay intertwined side by side and we can look each other in the eye of our minds and wonder where we are. theres nothing in life as satisfying as the dissatisfaction of uncertainty. i hunger for it all and the universe has starved me from the very objective of my desires. i've encountered set backs. i've been set back to back with myself, the soft thump of our hair reaching one anthers skull as we simultaneously share shoulder blades, staring up at the heavens. tethered by fear our fear that we'll never be able to stand as one again. imprisoned in duality; i lunge, i retract. i jump, i fall. i yell but i'm silent. my screams and shouts live in solitude vaulted far beyond the grasp from anthers' icy fingers.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kristen thought i would like this

she was riiiiigggghhhhttt!!! this is funny as hell;

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i just found this on ebay.... then i almost shit myself

so obviously i'm a big cannondale fan, i own one. and i'm a HUGE mike giant fan, absolutely love his stuff, so when i stumbled across this bike on e-bay i nearly went into a cardiac arrest. now only if it were 56cm and i was rich. click here to see the e-bay auction

the reason the bike is being auctioned is pretty cool. the painted 'give back' and 'bahati' reffer to the cyclist rahsaan bahati's bahati foundation; heres their mission statement from the website:

Our Mission:

The Bahati Foundation supports youth in inner-city and underserved communities.

Our Cycling Outreach programs are designed to inspire and empower youth through the sport of cycling.

Our GIVEBACK programs are coordinated with Bahati Foundation Corporate Partners to supply health and fitness gear, educational supplies and musical instruments for youth.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh yes i did

just in case any one forgets

how much does it really cost to pay for mistakes?

havent put any new work up in a while, figured i'd share some stuff i've been working on. had an okay birthday, thanks to the many many peoples who showed up, hung out, and assisted my near death experience as i'm sure i had alcohol poisoning. thank god there was no cameras used during the corse of the evening. good times had by all =) if you're on facebook as most of my friends are these days, go ahead and add me i set up a lot of event invitations for funhouse events and art shows...etc etc...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

new ride

so i got an older cannondale citerion circa 90-91 to mob around while i save up to build the baddest fixed gear ever.... however its gunna be a hot minute cause i've got a lot of bills right now. san diegos been sooooo niiiiiccceee lately, love it!