Thursday, March 25, 2010

funhouse grand opening

here are a couple flicks from the grand opening last night and a tattoo i did before the party. alonzo did his 300th tattoo and now joins the staff as a full time artist. congratulations to alonzo yaaaaay! julie made a vader cake, yay dark side. hahahaha.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

heading up north friday-monday for family business

I'll be out of town all weekend... start moving tomorrow... get a new car next week... this last week was almost entirely traditional style tattoos, most of the pieces i did are larger ones that only have a couple sessions done... heres a couple... i'm not going to bother including the other ones until i get some more work on them... sorry for the shitty pictures, i'm working on getting a better camera in the near future... and the last one is what goes on at my house... thats why i'm moving... word.

funhouse tattoo's official pacific beach location grand opening party is tomorrow (3/24/10) 6-9pm. so stop by for some free drinks and check out the new shop if you haven't already. the pacific beach funhouse crew is also showcasing new works in a grand opening art show. its worth showing up for =)

1453 Garnet ave.
San Diego, CA 92109

Thursday, March 18, 2010

no sleep for the wicked

finished this; click on image for larger view. the white is white, unfortunately my camera made it look really muddy and gray

why americans are so dumb

i was recently watching the daily show with john stuart and their theme for the evening was a satirical sketch making fun of a new phenomenon called chatroulette ( naturally, out of curiosity i tried this famed peer to peer online video client out to myself. it wasn't surprising that i soon found out why even john stuart had warned his viewers about the chat clients "dark side" considering the majority of "strangers" with webcams are just perverts playing with their naughty bits. while strolling the internet this evening in a recent ongoing fit of insomnia i came across a video that is only rivaled in hilarity to (which isn't very funny, more irritating really...) but its worth a watch any way.

my new favorite website


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

some other shit

moving to normal/university heights pretty soon here. way stoked to go on bike crawls with sarah on the skinny benny. i promise ill put pictures of something other than tattoos on here soon =)

Monday, March 8, 2010

mamma needs a break

heres some pictures of a few tattoos from over the last week

this is why every one thinks i'm weird

late night introspection

I sit upside down and stare backwards across my belly into the void i leave between yesterday and my thirst. my parched past playing a pitiful tune that i amiably can not strike from my consciousness. i heard this tune twice before, each time echoing louder through my mind. this silent melody in melancholy uncertainty teetering above broken shards and unimaginable ascension. two words dance erratically collecting companions and forming sentences with senseless meanings that i undoubtedly ignore. i had found solace in my solitude and it left me punch drunk with distain and still i cannot rid the music from my mind. this the final sequence that plays melodically to end scene end film end story end life. i hear it all again and in the reciprocation of rapture, i stand repugnant. dumbfounded and exposed, tactless and corroded, embedded and dishonored. you could step lightly or stop with fury and i would still entertain. my adoration intact though slowly disintegrating with frustration. i was left uncertain, i was left open-armed to a folly of faulty and only you could have dismembered these wayward ways. whispered cognition still plays 4/4 keeping beet to my thoughts, my heart follows in anticipation of infinite pursuit. not now, not then, perhaps later? each minute brings a disappointing reality, dislodged ambitions slip in a warped landslide to a nonexistent truth. the illusion of strength playing a concept that only exists in theory. that lyric wiped away my facade fascinating a fantasy that once foresaw you and i as one. now only two remain, a distant exorcism of fraudulent marauding merriment. thoughts avalanche in a land slide of intuition and i feel empty once more. a saddening reality that connection is discontent to internal content…. won't you be my neighbor?

Friday, March 5, 2010

work... work... always at work....

the new funhouse tattoo ROCKS!

i started a goonies sleeve at the beginning of this week, got half of chunk done

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

youth of america

this is for danny: