Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its like greased pig wrestling... but better

cinco de mayo, its not hard to out do last year, cause that was LAME.

swine flu mexican party time... oooohhhhh yyeeeeaaahhhh (insert coolaid man)
this week has been pretty lame, not a lot going on, just working at the shop and avoiding being productive. started BBQing at the shop for the summer, so come down and hang out on fridays and saturdays FOR SURE. i aspire to drink tequila tonight... and possibly some XX or tecate. even though i hate tecate. my birthday is next week, i'm totally screwed i was counting on not living this long... fuuuuuck i'm gunna have to actually start paying off some debt, maybe. uhhhh probably not, just kidding. the insurance company decided my car was a total loss after being rear ended a few weeks ago. so that sucks cause my car is old and there not going to give me enough $$$$ to buy a good car. good news is my car still "drives" so i can use it until i save up enough for another one. i want a bike, like hardcore, i need it for rehabilitation with my knee and piece of mind through out the day (and to go to the bar, and a nother bar, then another bar...etc lather rinse repeat).
and with that i leave you with this

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