Sunday, July 12, 2009

doin the damn thing

so i've been busy as fuck lately, i don't even have time for this blog shit any more really. booking up pretty good for the summer, working on some big shit, started another sleeve yesterday. moving to ocean beach at the end of the month. enjoying the shit out of life, probably getting one of my arms worked on again soon. might do another live painting art show tonight, but got friends in town so maybe not. doing a convention here in san diego with funhouse over halloween. having a blast just seeing the same faces in different place. had a white trash themed art show about 3 weeks ago with a costume contest and meat loaf bake-off. i lost the bake-off but i totally put bacon on mine, so that makes me a winner in my book. fourth of july was a wasted 3 day extravaganza of "how wasted can i get and not crash my bike?" cant wait to move so i can ride my bike to work, cause parking down by the beach is RIDICULOUS and i'm tired of doing it every day. cut back A LOT on drinking and smoking, haven't smoked in 5 days and haven't had more than a couple of drinks in over a week. god i'm good, hahahahahahaa gotta get back to work! so legit.

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