Tuesday, June 1, 2010

for the love of nothing

look at this fucking hipster just released a book. i was scrolling through the blog earlier and came upon this guy... if you know anything about my past, you'd know i used to have an unhealthy spider man obsession. with that being said, i think i may be in love.

so some where between being massively hung over and feeling like i want to get up and walk 10miles i find myself perched on sleep depravation and the urge to vomit. memorial day was most definitely a good time. better planning probably would have produced a more abundant turn out; however by the time every one was kicked out and the camera made an appearance, the company turned slightly sour. i ate too much... drank my weight in sweet tea vodka and tequila and after all of that i even managed to make it to the bar, not pass out or puke in some ones van.... all and all, big success! pictures later

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