Saturday, April 11, 2009

hooray for boobies

started two new awesome neo-traditional chest pieces. ones a tribute to san diego, ones a tribute to being a hair dresser. cant wait for vegas next week and seeing some progress on my website. tonight possible block party or birthday party to attend, most def not both though cause there far away from one another. block party is not far from work, probably gunna check that shit after work. i did end up going to longboards last week, much fun. i got waaaay too drunk, molested some SLUT on the dance floor and puked up whiskey until i thought i was gunna die. raaaaad. doing a big deadpool comic book character 3/4 leg sleeve tomorrow i is stolkedness. yaaaaayyyy homies, blow shit up or shut the fuck up.
i only got about an hour and a half on this one cause it took so fucking long to get the design to fit in between all the other stuff on his body.... justin, you are ridiculous and i've seen you really drunk so we should put a line through your alcohol free tattoo.
peep this band they fucking rock, so get crazy and flash your titties!!!!

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