Wednesday, March 24, 2010

heading up north friday-monday for family business

I'll be out of town all weekend... start moving tomorrow... get a new car next week... this last week was almost entirely traditional style tattoos, most of the pieces i did are larger ones that only have a couple sessions done... heres a couple... i'm not going to bother including the other ones until i get some more work on them... sorry for the shitty pictures, i'm working on getting a better camera in the near future... and the last one is what goes on at my house... thats why i'm moving... word.

funhouse tattoo's official pacific beach location grand opening party is tomorrow (3/24/10) 6-9pm. so stop by for some free drinks and check out the new shop if you haven't already. the pacific beach funhouse crew is also showcasing new works in a grand opening art show. its worth showing up for =)

1453 Garnet ave.
San Diego, CA 92109

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