Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i just found this on ebay.... then i almost shit myself

so obviously i'm a big cannondale fan, i own one. and i'm a HUGE mike giant fan, absolutely love his stuff, so when i stumbled across this bike on e-bay i nearly went into a cardiac arrest. now only if it were 56cm and i was rich. click here to see the e-bay auction

the reason the bike is being auctioned is pretty cool. the painted 'give back' and 'bahati' reffer to the cyclist rahsaan bahati's bahati foundation; heres their mission statement from the website:

Our Mission:

The Bahati Foundation supports youth in inner-city and underserved communities.

Our Cycling Outreach programs are designed to inspire and empower youth through the sport of cycling.

Our GIVEBACK programs are coordinated with Bahati Foundation Corporate Partners to supply health and fitness gear, educational supplies and musical instruments for youth.

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